For Wholesale Buyers

The CBD and Hemp market is exploding, and everyone is rushing to launch CBD products and brands

But how do you know what to buy, who to trust, and how to get quality organic products at scale?


Problem 1 –  Supply Chains are Fragmented

Solution – H2X Network provides aggregate and high quality supply with Certified providers

Problem 2 – Inefficient Market access

Solution – Disruption from new and scientifically verified cannabinoid innovations

Problem 3 – Lack of Transparency & Standards

Solution – Expertise and Best Practices

Problem 4 – Unreliable scale and volume

SolutionVertically Integrated Scale

Problem 5 – Product variability -poor quality

SolutionCertified Quality

Problem 6 – Disruption from new and scientifically verified cannabinoid innovations

SolutionAccess Novel formulations and Hemp-derived innovations

Join the H2X Exchange and Get H2X Certified

The H2X Exchange provides a trusted and independent platform to bring trust, transparency, and scale to the B2B Market for the premium segment of Hemp and CBD products. Our goal is to consolidate and scale the fragmented market, and bring pricing and product stability to wholesale buyers seeking the highest quality of organic and food grade cannabinoid products.

The H2X Exchange is enabled and supported by the H2X Network, a vertically integrated Hemp Product supply network comprised of trusted and certified providers in the Hemp supply chain, form soil to seed to sell.