Match High-Quality & High-Scale Vertically-Integrated Supply with the Best Brands and Wholesalers.

We insure the quality, compliance, business scale, and trustworthiness of Network Partners by evaluating 4 key areas for H2X Certification.

Legal and Compliance Review

Financial and Business Scale Review

Organic and GMP Practices Review

Trustworthiness and “Good People” Review


7 Hemp Supply Chain Issues and the H2X Certified Network Advantage

Issue 1 –  Lack of quality in the overall supply chain

H2X Certified Network Advantage – We “qualify” and “certify” vendors in our network, ensuring high quality in products and services throughout the supply chain.

Issue 2 – Lack of consistency between labs

H2X Certified Network Advantage We establish “control” standards to ensure consistent, repeatable performance

Issue 3 – Lack of competency and expertise

H2X Certified Network Advantage We work with established organizations, with a proven operating history, strong operators and established capitalization in the Hemp industry

Issue 4 – Lack of trust in the newly established operators

H2X Certified Network AdvantageWe diligence our partners, inspect their operations, and work hand-in-hand to ensure success

Issue 5 – No security and assuredness in the operation

H2X Certified Network Advantage We work with our partners to establish insurance, accreditation and operational security

Issue 6 – No established performance standards for quality, timelines, expectations

H2X Certified Network Advantage We establish contracts with performance-based outcomes tied to price and risk, ensuring optimal outcomes

Issue 7 – Regional access is lacking

H2X Certified Network Advantage Our network helps “solve” for Regional or National access