H2X Ventures, LLC has been formed by a seasoned and committed group of leaders and operators in the fields of agricultural engineering and extraction, medical diagnostics and services, advanced industrial technology and financial and automation services.

We are focused on the premium segment of the rapidly growing domestic Hemp and Cannabinoid market, valued at almost $1B in 2017 with 20%+ annual growth predicted over the next 5 years.



Inexperienced Leadership

The industry suffers from inexperienced leadership and lack of professional standards, procedures and best practices. The Hemp market is still in its infancy, and suffers from a a sub-culture based in habits and dealings formed from the shadow operations of the underground Cannabis market.

Inefficient Supply Chain

Cannabinoid supply chain is inefficient, and rapidly emerging with high volatility, instability, and routine disruption – caused by poor infrastructure, lacking transparency and inefficient Supply-vs-Demand matching.

Emerging Supply Technologies

New and disruptive supply technologies are emerging, while established players are slow to engage due to confusion, stigma & low risk tolerance.

Ineffective Capital Deployment

Capital deployment is inefficient and ineffective, without a rational basis for valuation, causing unrealistic expectations, immaturity in behaviors and operations and a lack of disciplined growth processes.



Quality of leadership and knowledge transfer from more mature industries is key to driving breakthrough value, as main-line, established companies enter over the next 1-3 years and up the level of competition.

Supply-side investments in the Hemp supply chain (vs. Marketing/Brand/Demand side investments) have high potential for innovation, rapid payback and value creation … even small improvements in transparency and supply chain function are meaningful and valued.

A (likely) 1-3 year window exists to qualify and partner with high-potential supply-side innovators, enabling rapid payback on assets and investments that offset obsolescence risk.

Active engagement in leadership, business process, business development and deployment of discipline are likely to create stable, predictable and rational bases for growth and value.

As the market stabilizes and the industry normalizes, a (likely) 3-5 year window exists to realize dramatic growth and material return on assets deployed.